Abstract Architecten specializes in providing consultancy services regarding the design and realization of complex building projects. We guide our customers - either directly or as a third party advisor - from feasibility study to commissioning. Abstract has extensive experience in the design and construction supervision of research facilities: laboratories, cleanrooms, animalariums, ...

Due to our specific focus on and experience with the design of research buildings in Belgium and the Netherlands, Abstract is familiar with the various laboratory and biosafety regulations and we can support our customers in making the right choices in the editing of their user requirement specifications.


Abstract Architecten is an architectural and engineering firm with a preference for modern, open architecture. Our goal is to work with the user to achieve the best possible translation of their activities in a suitable building. With this aim, Abstract tries to create a design that not only meets the aesthetic, budgetary and energetic requirements of the client, but also – and especially – in which they feel comfortable and which fits their activities perfectly.

Abstract Architecten strives for an integrated project approach. From the very first concepts, all disciplines are integrated, including the know-how of the users, in order to achieve an optimal symbiosis between comfort, ease of maintenance and flexibility. Abstract provides a total package of services: site planning, architecture and design, technical studies and landscaping are coordinated by Abstract with attention to sustainability and the environment, within the agreed limits for planning and budget. To this end, Abstract has built up strong partnerships with renowned parties, each of which has a proven track record in their own discipline.


From concept to commissioning, Abstract Architecten can coordinate all parties involved in the construction process and assists the client with the necessary advice. Abstract takes care of your project and / or construction management, which can lead to shorter construction times and lower construction costs.

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On Monday, UAntwerp and the IMM / Unity consortium gave the symbolic starting shot for the construction of Vaccinopolis. On March 1, 2022, the doors of the innovative center will open, where candidate...

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