Abstract co-designer Vaccinopolis


The IMM/Unity consortium was awarded the DBM contract for the construction of a unique clinical trial unit for the University of Antwerp. 

Proof of the sum, Abstract Architecten, Exilab, burO Groen and Establis are responsible for the integral design. The realization (build) is in the hands of Jansen Building Group, Jansen Cleanrooms and Cordeel and Imtech Belgium, together with Jansen Cleanrooms, will be responsible for the maintenance (maintain) for 15 years. 

Abstract is responsible for - in addition to the joint concept design with Proof of the sum ( general building architecture) and Exilab (design techniques) - the design of the laboratories and correct translation of the biosafety principles in the building. In addition, we take care of the administrative permit application and technical follow-up of the works. 

Exceptional circumstances require exceptional measures. COVID-19 proves that viruses can strike quickly and unexpectedly. That is why the project partners are shortening the usual lead time (normally 4 to 5 years) to 1.5 years: Vaccinopolis will open its doors on March 1, 2022.

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